I have been fascinated by drawings since a young age. I used to draw illustrations of different themes. I followed High School of Fine Art- painture, which led me to the next step of National University of Arts- in fashion design. During my studies as fashion design I discovered I was much more into photography. When I had to create clothing collections, my favorite part was always to photograph the final result of garments. I loved to be involved in making lookbook and editorial fashion photography. This made me more curious to learn the field of photography with the help of British Academy of Photography and I followed this path.

To the path of photography and here comes the question: WHY HAVE YOUR IMAGE TAKEN?

BECAUSE, a photoshoot is like a personal development course.

EACH of us has a STORY and together we will discover and outline YOURS.

BECAUSE, in a digital era where connections are often made through social media, our image online is just as important as it is in our everyday lives. And not only this, but you will create lasting memories that will be always cherished by you, by your loved ones, and so further on…

An image that mixes creativity and the professional photography is ideal for a business person regardless of the field in which you operate. I love creating concepts and I do my best in finding the best context I can.

CREATIVITY and BEAUTY, that’s why you have your image taken if you choose a portrait session with me. If you choose to have portraits just for yourself, to spoil yourself, just to have your “me time“ , I am ready to help you.

A photoshoot with me, it can help you get more CONFIDENCE in yourself. It can help you get ride of your inhibitions. If you want a new look, you can get a new haircut, or you can appeal to a make-up &hairstyle artist. It will result in a professional picture, the BEST version of you in front of you, different than you imagine.

I will guide you step by step how to pose, you don’t need to have experience in posing. I will help you how to be confident in front of the camera, I will try to find the best angles and the best expressions of YOU, and I will use the best light that suits YOU. Give yourself the chance to be who YOU want to be and WHO you truly are!

CELEBRATE yourself in pictures and you can bring your loved ones to a session as well if you choose to share your experience with your loved ones. BE PROUD if you are the person behind a successful BRAND! Even more you need this, if the brand is in the process of formation, remember to point to self-confidence, because THIS is the first condition to convince people what you are capable of.

Let’s discover together what you want, what story you choose, and most important what is your BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!