1.24.2022 / 5.30.2022

Do you remember when you were little, you used to look up there in the sky and see how the clouds moved? and that you wanted to touch this clouds?

I made a little house out of cardboard and I painted it. I put some cotton wool on the floor, which helped the image make it to transpose into another world, the one of dreaming of sky rivers, and clouds.

I photographed two little kids playing with this cotton wool, with a difference of two years between photographs. In phase two of photography, on the second image they were more dynamic and creative.

Two years difference, the same little kids playing in the same scene, you can notice how they grew up. These images made my imagination flourish and I turned the photographs into narrative illustrations that are telling a story of how they make clouds, they contain all the earth clouds in their magical cloud ball. They want to catch it and create. Two playmate kids are making their own clouds to play with. This series of images was an attempt to represent their experience of playing together as playmates. Seeing how they were playing with cotton wool made me dream . Their age is the age when your world is supernatural, even after two years difference of photographs they still play creatively, you have the impression that you can touch the sky, and can make clouds.

The cotton wool makes us to see how some ordinary things can transpose us to an imaginary world full of clouds and admire the feel of playing, the feel of life, and childhood. All these reminds us to feel like a kid again.